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Name: Nataliya
Age: 43
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm)
Weight: 125 lbs.(57kg)
Build: standard
Hair colour: blond
Eyes colour: hazel
Marital status: Divorced
Drinker: no
Smoker: no
Kids: 2
Do you want kids: may be
Education: University
Work: Retail
Occupation: Doctor
English: Poor
Religion: Orthodox Christian
Country: Ukraine
City: Odessa
I am serious, gentle, cheerful, confident, smart, honest, romantic, compassionate, caring.

Favourite sports: swimming, fitness.

Hobbies: reading, cooking, poetry, gardening, music.

Text: I am a very cheerful, energetic and active lady who is self-confident and knows that she can make her beloved man very happy with her tenderness, love, devotion and care. I believe that I am a unique and original lady, one in a million, and my man will be one in a million too, he will be treated like a king, and maybe I will be his princess : ) I believe I am more of a pragmatic than a romantic, but I think that deep down in my heart there is still a romantic part of me which is looking forward to be revealed by my future man, by my prince+ I have two children - two girls, Tamara ( her nickname is Tomochka), and Yulia. They are blondes with blue eyes, they like to be spoiled, of course - smile. They are like two small princesses that is why I try to please them in everything they want and that I can do. I love my parents - my mother and my father. My mother is the mechanism of my heart. My parents have their own business and help me in everything. I can tell you that I believe one meeting is worth more than a thousand words, and therefore I would like to meet you very much.

Looking for: 40 - 65 y.o. man. I am searching for a strong and stable man, who is generous and who wants to provide a beautiful life for his family - his wife and his children. I need a strong man, who can protect me from the hardships of this life, as if he were a stone wall. I would like to find a man who understands me and what I want completely, the one who will love, spoil and pamper me and my children. But at the same time I know I can compromise when there is love in my life. I am a woman who is able to love, but I need to be found by a knight who will win my heart, who will melt the ice of my heart...This ice appeared due to some circumstances in my life, and difficulties, but I do believe that there will be a man who will make me happy+I like a man of action, I prefer men who do more than they say, because words are just words, really only actions matter for me+Maybe this knight, this prince is you? I hope so+

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Nataliya Odessa
Nataliya Odessa