Have you ever been to Russia? Let us help you to have an impression of what you will find in a Russian wife. The Russian woman likes to look pretty. She likes to dress well when she walks in the city street to her destination. She wears a dress or a suit with a blouse and jewellery. She is concerned about her weight, her hair, how she presents herself. She thinks gym clothes are for the gym.

When you have a chance to visit Russia, you definitely will be surprised seeing so many beautiful women in the streets. Skirts and mini-skirts are still popular among many Russian ladies, showing their best. Foreigners admit that Russians dress very neat and stylish. It looks like they wear designer clothes for any occasion. Russian women appear to be happy being women. They are charming, beautiful and take a good care of themselves.

In Russia, she doesn't have a choice to stay home to take care of her husband, house, and children - for her, it is a dream. There, she willingly works to help her family to survive. Education is important; a good occupation is an asset. Many women know 2 or more languages and hold degrees from universities. Each Russian woman I know is willing to learn - to learn English, to learn about cultures, various cuisines, philosophies, politics, to learn in all aspects.

The Russian woman's attitude about herself is feminine. She expects to be treated as a lady; she is the weaker gender and knows it. The Russian woman has not been exposed to the world of rampant feminism that asserts its rights in America.
She remains sweet and tender with a softness that is absolutely desirable. Yet she is strong, she flourishes with a spirit that goes deep into a history that embraces a gypsy balalaika dance, a vodka drink, a covered head in a cathedral. Her eyes can speak of the trials and hardship of a struggling country, but they can laugh with the indomitable spirit of mother Russia. Imagine if they laughed with you and gave you all they had!
All Russian brides shown in the Photo Gallery are marriage minded and available for correspondence. Russian women who were registered with our service live in the former 15 Soviet Union Republics – Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, etc. Russian, Ukrainian, Eastern European and Asian single girls register with our service to find their dream partner, love and marriage abroad. We really hope you will be intrigued enough to take the first step to a happier and more fulfilling life, future and destiny.